A Frozen Flame Of Ice – Digipak


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“A Frozen Flame Of Ice” is the second full-length album of the dark melodic metal band Far Beyond. It contains 6 songs with a total running time of about 52 minutes. The CD ships within a 4-paged beautiful digipak and 12-paged full colored booklet. Once you’ve purchased the physical CD you can download a digital copy as MP3 (320kbit/s) or losless FLAC and the digital artwork including the lyrics.


1. Evernight – Part I (11:36)
2. The Song Remains The Same (8:52)
3. A Frozen Flame Of Ice (7:41)
4. Last Farewell (5:59)
5. Unrelenting Force (8:36)
6. Evernight – Part II (8:34)