A Frozen Flame Of Ice

In 2016 the long awaited successor A Frozen Flame Of Ice will finally be released to the public via Aeterna Records. The new album is again a solo release by the bavarian loner with two guest musicians, performing guitar solos and backing vocals.

A Frozen Flame of Ice continues where Songs of Hope and Sorrow ended. It features the same dark and tragic atmosphere but with more crafty arrangements, more diversity and even more beautiful melodies and choirs.


Album of the year (96 / 100) – …but it’s one of these albums that I consider a masterpiece from beginning to end. There is no filler, not a minute, heck not even a single second I would skip.Chris@Metalreviews.com | http://metalreviews.com/reviews/album/9518
…erstklassige Musikstücke, die Düster Metallern, die auch dem ausschweifenden, melodischen Death Metal nicht abgeneigt sind, sicherlich ein fettes Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubern dürften.Janko@Totentanz | http://www.totentanz-magazin.de/index.php/musik/4246-far-beyond-a-frozen-flame-of-ice